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Solexx Greenhouse Covering

The BEST greenhouse covering available! Read the science behind Solexx.

Solexx is a unique twin-wall greenhouse covering material specially formulated by Adapt8, Inc, manufacturer of Solexx Greenhouses. When it comes to greenhouse plastic, Solexx greenhouse panels surpass other covering choices in insulation, light quality and longevity. You'll save money with healthier plants and lower energy bills.

WHY IS SOLEXX WHITE? Click here to read more about Solexx panels >>

Solexx home garden greenhouse kits and covering are made in the USA and sold in every state throughout the USA. Commercial growers and hobby greenhouse growers alike, love Solexx greenhouses for their amazing strength and exceptional results in plant growth from the diffused light of the Solexx greenhouse covering. Read more about the greenhouse kits >>

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