Sales Manager Position

The Sales Manager position has a potential for growth due to Adapt8’s (Adaptive Plastic, Inc) significant growth plans, including expanded sales and marketing efforts. The successful candidate will seek to grow their own skills and to take on greater responsibilities as the company grows.  As a family-managed company, Adapt8 values its employees and is applying for B Corp certification this year.  Our employees are comfortable both in the office analyzing industry and internal reports as well as in the greenhouse growing crops.  We offer excellent benefits.

Position Summary

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Giza Gardens pyramid style greenhouse

Received this picture today from Rodney with Giza Gardens.  This is a custom built, pyramid style, greenhouse which will  help extend your growing season.  The unique style allows for better diffusion and with the insulated foundation, it also helps maintain the warm soil temperatures.

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New Hire Kayla Bertsch

Solexx, is pleased to announce the addition of Kayla Bertsch as Horticultural Engineer. Kayla graduated from the University of Arizona with a Masters in Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering with a focus in Controlled Environment Agriculture. She will utilize her background studying greenhouse spectrums, energy usage and automation processes, to help develop next-level greenhouses systems and technologies that increase yields while saving time, money and resources. Kayla shares our passion for creating innovative products that better the lives of future generations and looks forward to collaborating with industry growers to re-imagine how the world grows food.

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Tips to reduce greenhouse damage from wind and snow

Wind damaged greenhouse

Wind damaged greenhouse

All it takes is one big snow or wind storm to cause considerable damage to your greenhouse. With global climate change, storms are becoming more severe every year. Fortunately there are actions you can take to prepare your greenhouse for future storms. Greenhouse Management magazine wrote an article on some useful tips to help reduce storm damage to the greenhouse. While these tips mainly apply to a poly greenhouse (with Solexx covering, many of these concerns are greatly reduced or alleviated completely), here are some highlights that are universal no matter what your greenhouse covering.

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Verde Valley School build

This video is about the 2016 Solexx greenhouse build at Verde Valley School. Through a generous gift, VVS was enabled to start a much larger farm expansion. This was where it started.

Thank you Verde Valley in Sedona, Arizona for sharing your video.  This 16×32′ Conservatory was purchased thru our Adaptive Plastics dealer  “Arizona Solexx”





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high tunner

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Apply now for a USDA REAP grant to cut your energy costs

Bringing your production costs down and receiving grant support to do that at the same time? Be aware that it is possible via the Rural Energy for America Program. But what does this program do? And is it also available for greenhouse growers, local growers or urban farmers that are not located in rural areas? 

REAP grants can offset up to 25% of the costs of installing energy conservation measures. “Every agricultural producer or greenhouse grower that generates at least 50% of their gross income from the sale of agricultural products are eligible to to compete for these grant funds.Even growers that are not located in rural area’s, but who are in the middle of a city, are eligible.”

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Solexx Geodesic Dome

Thanks to Dave from Davesdomes in BC Canada for sharing this:

I am Dave a handcrafted dome builder , these are some photo’s of a 16 foot diameter Solexx geodesic dome greenhouse on a 3 foot high wall that sits at a high school in Fort Mcmurray Alberta Canada . The pre-fabricated  kit was assembled and then covered with the Solexx panels from a roll by the students for year round growing studies etc . They are a young science team known as Westwood Green Initiative and science teacher Johnny Dulku is their leader . I was proud to be a part of this and supply their dome . Its beautiful in the Solexx . Great product and I 10665165_775130499218496_2291799412047045565_nshall be calling you soon to do another dome this size……Dave

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USDA Announces $9 Million to Support Community Food Projects Program

WASHINGTON, Feb. 19, 2015 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) today announced the availability of $9 million in funding to assist low-income individuals and communities in developing local and independent food systems. NIFA is funding the grants through the Community Food Projects program (CFP), authorized by the Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill).

“Community Foods Projects provide the opportunity for low-income communities to become more self-reliant and take control of their own food systems,” said Sonny Ramaswamy, NIFA director. “These projects create food systems that are economically equitable and socially and environmentally sustainable, providing real solutions for communities most in need.”

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Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial greenhouses in Southern California now have  Solexx Solexx 027covering.  The best of both worlds with the roll up sides.  Solexx will help the plants from getting direct sun with its unique diffuse lighting and the sides will be rolled up in the summer-time for plentiful ventilation.

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