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Mouse in the House

Birdseed Trails

 mouse_hole Installing the electrical a few weeks ago, we found a hole dug under the greenhouse frame. We covered it up figuring a little critter trying to find a warm place to sleep on a cold spring nights.  But then the hole came back larger last week. Piles of mounded dirt were spotted both outside and inside.

I have stored birdseed in the greenhouse for years with nary an uninvited guest.  The seed is kept on hand to encourage wildlife to visit our garden.

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Low Cost Swamp Coolers

Keeping Our Cool

water_buckets_2  Visiting the Solexx greenhouse headquarters, Beverly gave me a tour of the various greenhouse styles they offer. She also showed me growing and cooling techniques they are currently trialing. One such cooling method caught my curiosity, so I decided to test it in my own greenhouse.

Bev demonstrated how she took plastic Rubbermaid® trugs filled with water to lower and maintain the ambient temperature inside the greenhouse. The containers are low tech and not very sexy looking. I’m happy to report however, they seem to be working. Amazingly enough, the water in the containers remains cool.

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Venting the Greenhouse

Cross Ventilation Benefits
Spring in the Pacific Northwest has been cool and dry this year. Memorial Day weekend generally is marked by wet, cold weather. The past two weekends we have climbed into the high 80’s. The greenhouse is baking inside due to the recent increase in temperature.

Base vents were installed when the weather was much cooler. Although they have assisted in keeping the temperature stable – without cross ventilation lifting and releasing hot air building up inside – the thermometer registered over 100 degrees.  We installed the Easy Flow Louver to the upper back greenhouse wall to expel hot air and add fresh air inside.

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