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Another use for Solexx™?

A potential Solexx™ greenhouse covering customer raised the question of how well Solexx™ integrates with farm animals. I checked with Gwen Brancato, our dealer from Wisconsin for the answer. She says, “I grow a couple of piglets in my greenhouse over the winter and use them to make compost all winter along.” The main issue she had is that pigs can lift the greenhouse, “and they WILL eat/chew on ANYTHING they can reach!”

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A trip to Solexx – make a day of it, even a weekend!

solexx-staffIt is well worth the drive to Brooks to visit the Solexx greenhouse display and manufacturing plant. You can see all the Solexx greenhouses on display.  Solexx is open to the public Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm and by appointment on the weekends. Conveniently located less than five minutes off I-5, take exit 263 and turn right on Brooklake Road. Tour the many different configurations of greenhouses displayed.  The Solexx team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Make sure to check out the Smart Pot employee food growing area. From tomatoes to fruit trees, this unique display of intensive food production in small spaces is truly inspiring!

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A side trip to Solexx Greenhouse headquarters

cactusWe are very proud of our Salem heritage. If you stop by to our SolexxGreenhouse factory at 3740 Brooklake Rd, Salem, OR, be sure to allow some time to visit Bush Pasture Park in downtown Salem. Here is some information about the park.




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Adding a fan to a greenhouse

final_fanDid you know that most plants actually succumb to overheating more than cold temperatures? Providing cross ventilation lifts and releases hot air build-up inside the greenhouse promoting healthy, sustainable growth for plants. 

The automated thermostat control saves on electricity by keeping the air flowing only when it’s needed most. We installed the thermostat controlled exhaust fan to the upper back greenhouse wall to work in tandem with the closeable base vents and solar powered louver opener.

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