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Mike & Bev’s Retirement


After 26 years of hard work, Mike and Bev Perry, the founders of Solexx Greenhouses and Greenhouse Covering, are retiring.






Adaptive Plastics, Inc. started in Mike and Bev’s shop at their home selling corrugated plastic totes SKMBT_C45213062111380and tree wraps, while raising their two children, Michelle and Steven Perry.  The children were as much a part of this company as Mike and Bev but in a different capacity.





Steven was a young SKMBT_C45213062111300transportation manager and also worked in product display.

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Aluminet Shade Cloth

The Greenhouse Catalog received this e-mail today and shared with me, and I thought I would share with you, along with additional  information on the Aluminet Shade Cloth

Making Shade in West Texas


The West Texas summer heat (100 degrees plus) was making our greenhouse unusable, but the deer eat our tomato and pepper plants if they aren’t protected.  My husband installed the Aluminet shade cloth, and we’re now able to use the greenhouse again.  Thank you!





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Yet another benefit of Solexx translucent greenhouses

Daryl Teal 9Today there are a lot of houses being built on “postage” sized lots,  problem with that is you have no privacy in your own backyard.  Two story houses now have a perfect view into their neighbors back yard.

Solution: Solexx Greenhouse

Solexx has many benefits:  Built in UV inhibitor with a 10 year warranty against UV breakdown, insulation value of either R-2.1 or 2.3,  plus it is translucent so it gives you “privacy in your own back yard”.

What could be better than growing your own organic fruits and vegetables and having privacy all at the same time?

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