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Creative Solexx Greenhouse Design

Located in Oak Ridge, New Jersey this Solexx greenhouse covering customer designed his greenhouse in sections. He purchased metal hoop framing locally and attached Solexx covering in rolls to enclose his greenhouse structure. He cut out small doors leading to two separated units on each side of the main structure. This way he can isolate and heat smaller areas if and when needed. The structure was just completed and we look forward to updates and seeing it in use!


Frame before Solexx was applied.

Frame before Solexx was applied.

Greenhouse in New Jersey with Solexx paneling

Greenhouse Side View

View of Front of Main Greenhouse with Solexx Rolls

View of Front of Main Greenhouse with Solexx Rolls

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Solexx completes this aquaponics system

Solexx greenhouse covering helps to provide both insulation and diffuse light for an ideal environment to grow. Follow a Canadian Solexx customers progress in his aquaponics greenhouse this year.



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Deluxe Greenhouse Package is Introduced

We have finally done it! We are offering a “Deluxe” Greenhouse Package!

The Deluxe will include all the standard items AND:

• Wire Bench Shelves
• Solar Louver Opener
• Base Vents
• Deluxe Tie Down Kit

This will insure that you will receive everything required to create a complete greenhouse.

Did I mention that the “Deluxe” accessory package is also discounted from our regular price?

Oh, and the Deluxe accessory package will also ship for free, along with the greenhouse!

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