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Creative Solexx Greenhouse Design

Located in Oak Ridge, New Jersey this Solexx greenhouse covering customer designed his greenhouse in sections. He purchased metal hoop framing locally and attached Solexx covering in rolls to enclose his greenhouse structure. He cut out small doors leading to two separated units on each side of the main structure. This way he can isolate and heat smaller areas if and when needed. The structure was just completed and we look forward to updates and seeing it in use!


Frame before Solexx was applied.

Frame before Solexx was applied.

Greenhouse in New Jersey with Solexx paneling

Greenhouse Side View

View of Front of Main Greenhouse with Solexx Rolls

View of Front of Main Greenhouse with Solexx Rolls

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Custom Designed Solexx Greenhouses

Jeriah from Alaska Greenhouse in Ninilchik Alaska (Ninilchik is on the west side of the Kenai Peninsula on the coast of Cook Inlet) has shared these photos of his custom designed Solexx greenhouses that are located in Palmer and Soldotna Alaska.

Jeriah is also a stocking dealer, so if you need a custom greenhouse or some Solexx material, please contact him.


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Custom Built Greenhouses

Cedar House with Solexx - SidewallWe have been asked many times to post pictures of custom built greenhouses using Solexx material.  Thanks to our great Customers we have many to choose from.  Here are just a fewPolaroid  A700 pictureDomeGreenhouse



This greenhouse looks great, even at night

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Growing Change: One Pepsi Bottle at a Time

 Pepsi Challange Blog image 1Who would have thought…using Pepsi bottles to grow vegetables? Initially, the notion of “Pepsi” and “vegetables” in the same sentence might seem a bit far fetched. Yet with some creative and resourceful thought, Solexx Dealer Greg Hancock, of Remote Gardener has proven this possible with effective results.

Through the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, Greg has demonstrated his passion for recycling and hydroponic growing. The Pepsi bottles serve as reservoirs for his hydroponic system, while the attached piping circulates water from the main pump, guiding nutrients to feed the plants.  As we speak, Remote Gardener’s customers are enjoying the zesty flavors of fresh tomatoes, peppers, and herbs from this season’s harvest.

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A visit to Lake Grove Elementary’s School Greenhouse

Lake Grove School Greenhouse

Lake Grove School Greenhouse

Lake Grove Elementary in Lake Oswego, Oregon recently purchased Solexx Greenhouse Covering to use on their custom school greenhouse. During my visit to participate in their dedication assembly, I must say I was impressed by their outdoor learning environment. Lake Grove Elementary is advanced with their plans to retrieve rain water and utilize rain barrels, also using several compost bins on site. A special holder had been built to display the solar panel, as a demonstration of the activity of the fan (a solar powered exhaust fan)—direct light or the slow down from the students’ shadows. My favorite part was the outdoor classroom set up next to the greenhouse. Benches were made of logs from local trees—summer camp meets gardening, can’t get much better than that!

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To The Innocence of New Gardeners!

By Glenda Rueger Payne

One of the great things about working in the gardening industry is the opportunity to connect with new gardeners. At a recent open house event, one of my favorite returning customers stopped by our Fresh-from-the-Garden Salsa demonstration booth.

She was all agog over a basket of fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions I was using to make the Salsa. I asked her how her garden was coming along. With a shy blush, she announced that she had recently made an emergency phone call to her mom, a veteran gardener.

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Depend on Solexx in heavy snow areas

Some of our best dealers start out as Solexx customers themselves. Michele Evans of Bozeman, Montana hasIMG_0244_1 been using our Solexx panels for years on their A-frame raised bed covers. They are at 7300 feet and off the grid – even their house is totally solar. Recently Michele sent us some photos of their cold frame covered with snow and had this to say… “You can see the kind of snow load our Solexx is under. So far I have had no breakage. The deepest snow so far has been 6 feet. I have stabbed them with steel shovels and fallen on them.” Shop for Solexx products on their website at

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Another use for Solexx™?

A potential Solexx™ greenhouse covering customer raised the question of how well Solexx™ integrates with farm animals. I checked with Gwen Brancato, our dealer from Wisconsin for the answer. She says, “I grow a couple of piglets in my greenhouse over the winter and use them to make compost all winter along.” The main issue she had is that pigs can lift the greenhouse, “and they WILL eat/chew on ANYTHING they can reach!”

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A side trip to Solexx Greenhouse headquarters

cactusWe are very proud of our Salem heritage. If you stop by to our SolexxGreenhouse factory at 3740 Brooklake Rd, Salem, OR, be sure to allow some time to visit Bush Pasture Park in downtown Salem. Here is some information about the park.




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Adding a fan to a greenhouse

final_fanDid you know that most plants actually succumb to overheating more than cold temperatures? Providing cross ventilation lifts and releases hot air build-up inside the greenhouse promoting healthy, sustainable growth for plants. 

The automated thermostat control saves on electricity by keeping the air flowing only when it’s needed most. We installed the thermostat controlled exhaust fan to the upper back greenhouse wall to work in tandem with the closeable base vents and solar powered louver opener.

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