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Custom Greenhouse Building Tips

A Plethora of Plants
daleDale Plank is an enthusiastic, spry gardener who has been tilling the soil for over sixty years. He tends a marvelous vegetable and flower garden that spills onto a bike path through a bucolic suburban neighborhood in Corvallis, Oregon. Dale and his wife Beverly like to work with native plants. Attracting butterflies and hummingbirds with scarlet runner beans (Phaseolus coccineus) to their garden is a top priority. Their side garden has a large collection of vegetables, vines and annual flowers. Strawberries line the public bicycle path where passersby can munch happily on their way while enjoying the garden views.

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Shade Cloth Benefits

Heat Reduction
Shade cloths provide a way to reduce the ambient temperature inside the greenhouse.  It allows filtered light to pass through the panels to keep plants from being scorched and overheating during hot summer months.
shade_clothMaterials and Time Required

1 polypropylene shade cloth:   $65.00
1 roll neon colored nylon kite string:    $5.00
6 pack camping stakes:   $5.00    
Total:  $75.00

Project Costs

Install Time
Installation took one hour with two people.

Tools Used Materials Used
• Broom handle or long stick
• Ladder
• Rubber mallet
• Utility or pocket knife 
• Nylon twine
• Polypropylene shade cloth
• Six camping stakes

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Juicing Inside the Greenhouse

NOTE: This customer is sharing their steps to wire their greenhouse. We advise all customers to hire an electrician unless you are 100% sure you are capable of the project.

Part 2: Adding Electrical to Greenhouse

Completing the outside electrical wiring last weekend, our focus turned to inside the greenhouse. See Juicing the Greenhouse Part 1 for routing the electrical from the garage to the greenhouse.

Materials and Time Required
The final tally for materials was an additional $50 for miscellaneous parts. The total project materials cost averaged $150. Wiring both the inside and outside of the greenhouse took two weekends to complete.

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Juicing the Greenhouse

NOTE: This customer is sharing their steps to wire their greenhouse. We advise all customers to hire an electrician unless you are 100% sure you are capable of the project.

Part 1: Adding Electrical to Greenhouse

Adding electrical to your greenhouse is an individual experience. It can be accomplished in several ways. Our project goal was to replace a figurative cold frame into a fully functional greenhouse complete with light, fans, heating mats, cooling and heating before summer.

Materials and Time Required
This project took more trips to our local hardware store than we expected. The final tally for materials was $100 and a weekend to run electrical wiring to the outside of the greenhouse.

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Installing Greenhouse Base Vents

Let the Fresh Air in
Solexx panels deliver maximum soft, diffused light to plants enclosed in greenhouse structures. Lest we forget that plants also need fresh air. Proper ventilation prevents diseases, reduces overheating and releases excess humidity. For best results, air should circulate evenly through small greenhouse spaces during the growing season. Cross ventilation can be achieved by placing base vents close to the greenhouse floor coupled with a large vent or exhaust fan positioned on the back wall. This technique forces fresh air into the greenhouse and releases stale air up and out the back. Vents can be closed in winter to save on heating costs.

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April 22, 2009 Earth Day

Green the Grounds

Green the Grounds in Oregon

It is fantastic to see that the White House is starting their own green movement. Wouldn’t it be a novel idea if every state capital building had a vegetable garden gracing its front yard to further spread the movement throughout this great nation?

In Salem, Oregon our capital building has a large expanse of lawn leading up to its marble steps. I would love to see our Govenor, Ted Kulongoski with a shovel in his hand breaking ground on a veggie garden. Oregon is one of the “greenest” states in the country. We need to continue to be the leader in promoting the slow food movement and our state’s agricultural legacy.

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Installing Solexx Panels on Aluminum Frame Greenhouses

Before Shots

Our greenhouse has undergone many incarnations over the years. It was delivered and set-up with no instructions attached. We quickly learned that a greenhouse without water, electric or venting is essentially a large cold frame. For many years, it was a way to relieve the garage from all my tools, pots, and garden miscellaneous so my husband could have the garage back.

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Solexx Greenhouses introduces the Lit’l Propagator

Over the years we have had requests for a small greenhouse using Solexx covering. Many of our customers have limited space to put a greenhouse and needed a greenhouse with a smaller footprint. The Lit’l Propagator is a 4′ x 4′ greenhouse that is actually tall enough for most gardeners to stand in at 72″ tall. Built in shelf framing is included so you can easily make shelving to store your plants.

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