Aluminet Shade Cloth

The Greenhouse Catalog received this e-mail today and shared with me, and I thought I would share with you, along with additional  information on the Aluminet Shade Cloth

Making Shade in West Texas


The West Texas summer heat (100 degrees plus) was making our greenhouse unusable, but the deer eat our tomato and pepper plants if they aren’t protected.  My husband installed the Aluminet shade cloth, and we’re now able to use the greenhouse again.  Thank you!





Perfect for minimal shading in a broad variety of crops.
The net is designed especially for external coverage of shadehouses, to cover tunnels and for linked spreading above plastic covering greenhouse roofs.
The net prevents irradiation damage in plants and fruits and reduces heat in greenhouses during hot days.
Flexible, light, strong and easy to spread.
Recyclable and UV resistant.




Technical details
Shade percentage 38-43%
UV resistance (years) 4
Width (ft) 14
Direct light transmission 57-62%
Diffused light transmission 70%




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