Boosting Food Production with Grow Lights

Phillip Bogle, a Solexx dealer from Nehalem, OR has been getting phenomenal results harvesting vegetables year-round in his 16’ Solexx™ Garden Master greenhouse.

PHIL: “I get more amazed each day at how much of a difference my greenhouse and the lights have made on my gardening experience. I won’t sell a greenhouse for food production without lights. I feel that light does more to ensure a healthy vegetable crop than heat. I love the quality of light provided by Solexx™.

I’ve had my greatest success using just two 400 HPS grow lights with ballasts on one 20 amp circuit. My electric use is minimal as evidenced by a barely increased power bill. Plant growth and fruiting are triggered by the proper amount of light and heat. In the Solexx™ greenhouse, there is plenty of light even on cloudy days, so I use less artificial light than the books recommend. The 400 watt lights are enough for the 16’ greenhouse since they are only assisting.”

081109 tomatoes 2How much has Solexx helped? One of Phil’s king tomatoes was 1lb 12 oz. Most of the tomatoes were in the 1lb range. “I had to stop the tomato plant when I ran out of room. Four plants yielded at least 50 lbs of tomatoes.”

What about flavor? “My family, even the kid that liked Spaghetti O’s, won’t go back to eating store bought. My wife is extremely sensitive to store-purchased vegetables. She has had allergic reactions from eating tomatoes, melon, peppers and cucumbers purchased from their local grocery store. At times, the reactions were so severe she was taken to the ER with anaphylactic shock. Yet, she is able to enjoy all of their home-grown vegetables without incident.”

Phil attributes the difference in home grown vs. store bought to the harvest and transportation process of commercially grown food. According to Phil, many of the purchased fruits and veggies are picked green, and then sealed in containers that are filled with ethylene gas to induce ripening. Phil believes the ethylene gas is what causes his wife’s reaction. “Now my wife can eat and enjoy foods that were off limits,” he happily exclaims.


About Glenda

Glenda Rueger Payne is the Dealer Sales Manager for Adaptive Plastics, Inc. Glenda brings more than fifteen years of sales and marketing experience to the function of developing and growing the national dealer wholesale program. Her background includes formal training at Penn Valley Community College and the University of Missouri at Kansas City as an English/Communications major and several years as an entrepreneur. Her natural enthusiasm and outgoing personality were honed into a strong professionalism by her varied career pursuits. Each of her experiences from her early days as a professional magician’s assistant working on cruise ships, then as a professional track reporter for the Salt Lake Valley Racing Association to several years of owning her own successful publishing business has helped her develop excellent people skills and business savvy. This has contributed to her ability to create strong relationships with the dealers built upon excellent customer service and inspiring enthusiasm for the Solexx™ product. The result has been increased sales due not only to bringing new dealers on board, but to growing loyalty and trust ensuring repeat business from the existing dealers as well. Glenda is an avid "urban gardener." Every square foot of possible space has been converted into raised beds for growing food, herbs and edible flowers. She is also the proud owner of a Solexx™ Harvester greenhouse and one custom-built Solexx™ covered greenhouse. She has found many other ways to incorporate Solexx™ into her home.
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