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I enjoy getting calls from the actual people who are building there own greenhouses using Solexx.

Recently I had received a call from a gentlemen on the North Oregon Coast, where the weather can be pretty windy and rainy. I shared some ideas with him about the application on Solexx in exchange for some photos once he had his house complete. This is what he shared with me.

So here are as promised my Solexx covered greenhouse photos. I have some minor cosmetic details to fix but as you can see I have stuff growing already. The Solexx is working so well that I may have to increase the size of the vents. Here on the north Oregon coast we can expect winds in the neighborhood of 75 MPH a couple times a year so my construction is a bit beefier. The corner posts are sunk into the ground and I used more fasteners for the Solexx then required. Some folks might be pained with the treated wood but I did my research and am comfortable with it. The planter boxes inside the greenhouse are lined with cedar so no dirt is in direct contact with treated wood. I have been a veggie gardener all of my life but this is my first greenhouse so this will be a learning year for me about how long I can extend the growing season.

Thanks Ed for sharing, enjoy your first greenhouse!

North Oregon Coast Greenhouse ELM_1037 ELM_1038 ELM_1220ELM_1221


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Currently Dealer Account Manager with Adaptive Plastics, Inc., founders of Solexx. 15 years in the nursery business (trees and shrubs, not babies) and 15 years in construction
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