Solexx Greenhouses introduces the Lit’l Propagator

Over the years we have had requests for a small greenhouse using Solexx covering. Many of our customers have limited space to put a greenhouse and needed a greenhouse with a smaller footprint. The Lit’l Propagator is a 4′ x 4′ greenhouse that is actually tall enough for most gardeners to stand in at 72″ tall. Built in shelf framing is included so you can easily make shelving to store your plants.

Solexx panel technology provides diffused light to your plants. This distributes light throughout the greenhouse so that light reaches all plant surface area. With a glass greenhouse and polycarbonate, the light has little or no diffusion properties and light only reaches the part of the plant that is facing the sun (the tops of the leaves). Diffused light also protects the plants from getting burned. You probably have experienced how intense light shinning through glass becomes when you have been in your car on a sunny day. With Solexx covering, your plants are protected while getting the light they need for healthy growth.

Solexx covering has the best insulation in it’s class. The 3.5mm covering has a 2.1 R value. Compare that to 10mm polycarbonate which has a 1.89R value. Increased insulation means your heater will run less resulting in lower energy costs for you!

If you are looking for a compact greenhouse for your backyard that has the best features to protect your plants, look no further than the Lit’l Propagator!

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