Low Cost Swamp Coolers

Keeping Our Cool

water_buckets_2  Visiting the Solexx greenhouse headquarters, Beverly gave me a tour of the various greenhouse styles they offer. She also showed me growing and cooling techniques they are currently trialing. One such cooling method caught my curiosity, so I decided to test it in my own greenhouse.

Bev demonstrated how she took plastic Rubbermaid® trugs filled with water to lower and maintain the ambient temperature inside the greenhouse. The containers are low tech and not very sexy looking. I’m happy to report however, they seem to be working. Amazingly enough, the water in the containers remains cool.

Summer heat has been causing the trugs to expand sideways causing the lids to pop off.  I’m concerned about possible future mosquito populations if the lids are not secured. I have been removing water as the trugs expand.

Have you employed any temperature reducing techniques in your own greenhouse?
I would love to hear about them!

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