Mike & Bev’s Retirement


After 26 years of hard work, Mike and Bev Perry, the founders of Solexx Greenhouses and Greenhouse Covering, are retiring.






Adaptive Plastics, Inc. started in Mike and Bev’s shop at their home selling corrugated plastic totes SKMBT_C45213062111380and tree wraps, while raising their two children, Michelle and Steven Perry.  The children were as much a part of this company as Mike and Bev but in a different capacity.





Steven was a young SKMBT_C45213062111300transportation manager and also worked in product display.






While Michelle was much luckier and became a model for the different product lines.

Although Adaptive Plastics got its start providing totes and tree wraps to the farmers, it didn’t stop there.  Mike and Bev, both whom have extensive plant and science background, saw the need to create a better greenhouse covering than what was on the market. In 1987 they came up with a secret formulation for healthier and more robust plants.  Not only did Solexx provide a temperate climate for plants through light diffusion and insulation, the durable plastic also was designed to stand up to  the elements of Mother Nature, including: snow, wind, hail and even hurricanes.

SKMBT_C45213062111371Welcome to the creation of “Solexx”, a twin-wall corrugated polyethylene greenhouse covering.



After running Adaptive Plastics, Inc. for 26 years they are now handing the reins over to Michelle (Perry) Moore whom will take over as Owner/CEO.  Michelle now has her hands full with her other full time job, raising 11 month old twins.

Steven Perry will also be in the background doing special engineering projects for the company, (and we won’t make him carry boxes over his head or stand in corrugated boxes)

We at Adaptive Plastics, Inc. are thrilled to have worked with Mike and Bev Perry, but to also consider ourselves part of their family.  We are sorry to see them leave, but are happy that they are still young enough to enjoy many more years together.  They are excited to be able to putter in their Solexx Greenhouse and enjoy the rewards of homegrown food.

Good luck Mike and Bev, you will be missed!





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Currently Dealer Account Manager with Adaptive Plastics, Inc., founders of Solexx. 15 years in the nursery business (trees and shrubs, not babies) and 15 years in construction
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