Mouse in the House

Birdseed Trails

 mouse_hole Installing the electrical a few weeks ago, we found a hole dug under the greenhouse frame. We covered it up figuring a little critter trying to find a warm place to sleep on a cold spring nights.  But then the hole came back larger last week. Piles of mounded dirt were spotted both outside and inside.

I have stored birdseed in the greenhouse for years with nary an uninvited guest.  The seed is kept on hand to encourage wildlife to visit our garden.

A cascading waterfall from multiple punctures erupted when picking up the bag.  Checking with our local Oregon State Extension office, I discovered we might have a little field mice problem.

To stop the problem I placed the birdseed in a plastic bin container. Hopefully that will do the trick and they will move on to a new food source.

If you think you may have a mouse in your house, I recommend taking immediate action to keep the population in check.


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