Solexx Geodesic Dome

Thanks to Dave from Davesdomes in BC Canada for sharing this:

I am Dave a handcrafted dome builder , these are some photo’s of a 16 foot diameter Solexx geodesic dome greenhouse on a 3 foot high wall that sits at a high school in Fort Mcmurray Alberta Canada . The pre-fabricated¬† kit was assembled and then covered with the Solexx panels from a roll by the students for year round growing studies etc . They are a young science team known as Westwood Green Initiative and science teacher Johnny Dulku is their leader . I was proud to be a part of this and supply their dome . Its beautiful in the Solexx . Great product and I 10665165_775130499218496_2291799412047045565_nshall be calling you soon to do another dome this size……Dave




About Laurie

Currently Dealer Account Manager with Adaptive Plastics, Inc., founders of Solexx. 15 years in the nursery business (trees and shrubs, not babies) and 15 years in construction
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2 Responses to Solexx Geodesic Dome

  1. Jack Wicke says:

    I am building a geodesic dome about 26 ft. diameter, the dome will be constructed from 2×4’s. about how many square feet of solexx would I need to cover the greenhouse.

    Jack Wicke

  2. Glenda Glenda says:

    Hi Jack,

    Please give us a call at 1-877-476-5399 so we can get more details about your project.


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