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Recommended Greenhouse Accessories

To get the most out of your Solexx Greenhouse, we offer several accessories to help improve your greenhouse growing experience and protect your investment.


Deluxe Tie Down Kit
Keep your greenhouse safe and secure in strong wind with the easy-to-install kit. Twist the 14-1/2" tie-down anchors into the ground next to your greenhouse and attach the J-hook to the greenhouse frame. Turnbuckles connect the frame to the anchor. Easily disconnects should you want to move your greenhouse. Attach anchors every eight feet. Note: While tie down augers are effective in most situations, proper conditions are required to prevent failure. Improperly tightened or loose anchors, high winds, loose or sandy soil, waterlogged or flooded soil, or extremely rocky soil can contribute to anchors pulling out of the ground. You will need to determine the best means to anchor the kit for your unique situation. If you have concerns about your conditions, a concrete perimeter, concrete slab, or corner holes are good alternatives to anchoring into soil.

HN-10 4-Anchor Tie Down Kit - 15"

Deluxe Tie Down Kit secures your Solexx greenhouse in strong winds.

Solexx Shelving Packages
Support heavy plants in your greenhouse. Designed exclusively to fit Solexx Greenhouse bench frames, these sturdy wire racks allow good drainage and continuous air circulation around your plants. The white powder-coated finish resits rust and reflects light back to your plants. Includes mounting ties for simple assembly and installation.

HN-18 8' Back Shelf Package (24" x 94")

HN-19 8' Side Shelf Package (29" x 94")

Solexx greenhouse shelves

Solexx Greenhouse Base Vents
ABS polymer 4" x 9" base vents allow fresh air to continually flow through your greenhouse. Mount a vent near the base in each corner for natural 'ground-up' cross ventilation. Close during colder weather to save heat. These vents are easy to install in your Solexx Greenhouse. Two base vents are recommended for every 4 feet of greenhouse length.

HV-20 Base Vents (4" x 9")

Greenhouse base vents help promote healthy air circulation in your greenhouse

Greenhouse Circulation Fan
Powerful, commercial-grade circulation fan
This energy-efficient fan is designed specifically for use in a greenhouse.

  • Strong five-wing aluminum blades generate constant air movement for healthier plants.
  • Low noise level.
  • Heavy-duty, totally enclosed, maintenance free and energy efficient motor.
  • Adjustable mount provides for easy versatile installation.
  • Variable speed capability.
  • Larger sizes available

HV-40 8" Circulation Fan

Greenhouse circulation fan

Greenhouse Exhaust Fan
Powerful exhaust fans for large spaces
If you need rapid air exchange in your greenhouse, then this is your fan. You will appreciate the rugged design of this high-powered fan.

  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel frame reduces rust and corrosion.
  • Contains a thermally-protected motor.
  • Thermostat and wiring are included, 115v.
  • 760 CFM
  • Larger size fans and intake louvers available

HV-50 12" Exhaust Fan

Greenhouse Exhaust Fan

Greenhouse Flooring
Eliminate weeds from your greenhouse floor
The perfect way to finish your greenhouse.

  • Durable, black polypropylene flooring eliminates weeds from the floor of your greenhouse while allowing water to drain.
  • Easy to install.
  • Wire stakes included.
  • Several sizes in stock. Custom order available.

HN-29 10'x10' Greenhouse Flooring

Greenhouse weed blocking flooring

Greenhouse Louver
Bring fresh air into your greenhouse without electricity
Made from rugged, outdoor-grade PVC, the 24" x 12" louver vent keeps the rain out and still lets in plenty of fresh air to keep plants healthy. Three louvers made from 5mm Solexx high density polyethylene allow diffuse light into the greenhouse - even while closed! Solar-powered option (shown) automatically opens and closes the Louver when you are away. Easy to add to your custom-designed greenhouse.

HV-34-M Solar Louver (solar powered)

HV-34-S Solar Louver (manual open/close)

Solexx Louver opener for solexx Greenhouse

Universal Solar Powered Window Vent Opener
Solar powered vent opener automatically opens most vents
Are you wondering who is going to take care of your greenhouse when you can't be there? Even in the winter, your greenhouse gets hot on a sunny day.

  • Regulate the temperature in your greenhouse.
  • The parafin wax in the piston expands to open your vent automatically as the temperature changes.
  • Environmentally friendly, no electricity or batteries needed.
  • Extends 12" to open and close greenhouse vents.
  • Fits most greenhouse vents, including the Early Bloomer greenhouse.
  • Installs easily and supports up to 15 lbs.

HV-10 Solar Powered Vent Opener

Solar Powered Window Opener

Black Greenhouse Shade Cloth
Protect your plants from the summer heat
Reusable black polypropylene 50% shade cloth filters out excess sunlight reducing heat on hot summer days. Lower inside temperatures help protect your special plants and prolong the life of your greenhouse panels. Reinforced, hemmed edges with grommets make attachment and removal easy.

Available in several sizes and can be customed ordered to your specifications.

HV-92 8' x 12' Black Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Greenhouse Shade Cloth Black with grommets