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Solexx Greenhouse Videos

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Watch customer testimonials and product reviews in the featured videos below.

Solexx Snow load test. We put over 2000 pounds of weight on a 4x4 Solexx panel to test the durability of Solexx with a heavy snow load. Solexx is extremely durable and holds the weight of the snow.

J &K Growers talk about their greenhouse covered in Solexx greenhouse covering. They've tried poly, polycarbonate and like Solexx the best, watch to find out why.

The Solexx door has been modified to make it even stronger with a new lockable handle. Watch the video to see the improvements and our latest door design.


Watch as they build an Early Bloomer Greenhouse

Use Solexx greenhouse panels to recover an existing shed or greenhouse

Solexx Garden Master burried in snow on Mt Hood.

A Solexx cold frame in Peru lets them grow a garden for the first time.