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Solexx greenhouse panels are twin-walled for stregth and insulation.

Solexx Greenhouse Covering

The perfect material for custom greenhouse projects and more!

Whether you're ready to build a custom greenhouse, re-cover an aging greenhouse or rescue an old carport and turn it into a sunroom, the possibilities are endless with Solexx flexible, twin-wall greenhouse covering. Solexx is easy to install while providing the best insulation possible.

Solexx tops the charts for greenhouse covering options due to its superior performance (click here to read about all the benefits of Solexx), which means high heat retention and less temperature fluctuation for your plants and lower heating bills for you!

Solexx™ Greenhouse Panels
•Strong and shatter proof greenhouse covering protects against wind and snow.
•Solexx™ greenhouse panels diffuse the light throughout the greenhouse for optimal plant growth.
•The double-walled insulated greenhouse material helps hold in the heat.
•10-year limited UV warranty

Installation and Ordering Tips:

  • Solexx is flexible and can wrap around peaks and corners for a watertight seal
  • Solexx scores and cut easily - no power saw required
  • Installs both horizontally and vertically (unlike polycarbonate) for less waste
  • Available in pre-cut panels or custom length rolls up to 900' long (fewer seams means better insulation and less work)
  • Two thicknesses: Use 3.5mm for almost all applications. Choose 5mm for high altitude, heavy snow areas
  • Join panels together with optional H-Channel or, simply overlap the panels (panels are an extra 1" for overlapping)
  • For optimum support, set studs or trusses 2' apart on center

Be sure to click here to read HINTS FOR INSTALLING SOLEXX for more detailed information on how Solexx is properly installed.

Two thicknesses of Solexx™ greenhouse panels are available: Use 3.5mm for almost all applications or choose 5mm panels for high altitude or heavy snow areas.

Solexx greenhouse rolls go right over the top of the greenhouse in one continuous piece.

Solexx™ Custom Length Rolls
Custom cut to eliminate waste. Flutes run the length of the material for superior strength. Rolls are 4'1" wide and as long as 900'.

GSR-160-4 49.5" x up to 900'L (3.5mm)
GSR-240-51 51.5" x up to 570'L (5mm)

Solexx™ Pre-Cut Panels
Available in two sizes and two thicknesses.
GSP-160-8 4'1" x 8'1" panels (3.5mm)
GSP-160-12 4'1" x 12'1" panels (3.5mm)
GSR-240-8 4'1" x 8'1" panels (5mm)
GSR-240-12 4'1" x 12'1" panels (5mm)

Solexx Paneling Accessories

H-Channel and Clips
Flexible, snug fitting PVC H-Channel slides between Solexx seams for a flush finish and tight seal. Clips are used to join 4' H channel pieces together for horizontal installations (Example: use an H-Clip to connect two 4' H-Channels into an 8' H-Channel).
GS-600 4' H-Channel
GS-600-C H-Channel Clip

U-Trim and Caulking
U-Time PVC edging caps off open flutes of the panels. We recommend you first run about ¼ inch of silicone caulking into the open edges of the panels to seal out bugs, dirt and moisture (click here to see a video). The trapped air from the caulking helps achieve the highest possible insulation.
GS-610 4'1" U Trim
GS-530 Clear 100&% silicone caulking, 10.1 fl oz

Solexx Sealing Screws
White galvanized screws with ¼" hex heads secure the greenhouse covering to the frame of the greenhouse. No pilot hole required! Soft neoprene washers seal out moisture. Use 1" screws for wood or PVC frames and 1" self-drilling screws for metal frames. Screws are sold in packages of 100.
GS-500 1" self-tapping screws
GS-515 1" self-drilling screws