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Solexx greenhouses are built tough - we stand not only stand behind our USA made greenhouses, we stand ON them!

Solexx Greenhouses
Innovative, superior performance!

Solexx™ hobby greenhouses are designed so you can get the most use out of your greenhouse. The 36" aisles give you room to move comfortably throughout your greenhouse structure while the full-length benches let you take advantage of all the usable growing area. Unique composite framing is designed to give you years of service with absolutely no maintenance required — just put the greenhouse up and use it. And every one of our greenhouses features amazing Solexx greenhouse panels, so you know your plants are getting the optimal diffused light needed to accelerate plant growth.


Solexx Greenhouse Covering — Energy saving insulation
• Strong and shatter proof to protect against wind and snow.
• Solexx is White for a Reason — it produces an even diffuse light proven to accelerate plant growth by 30%.
• Independent lab tests prove Solexx twin-wall insulated greenhouse material insulates better than even 8mm polycarbonate to keep heating costs low.

Cutting-Edge Framing
• A combination of composite tubing (the same material used to make bridges), steel fittings, and PVC provides superior strength and stability against wind and snow.
• The white Solexx greenhouse framing reflects the greenhouse light — sending more light back to your plants. Dark frames absorb the light.
• Color-coded, pre-cut greenhouse frame makes assembly easy.
• Composite material does not transfer the cold into the greenhouse (metal frames do).

Hanging from the hanging rods of Solexx GreenhouseGreenhouse benches and hanging rods included
• Each wide, strong full-length shelf holds up to 500 lbs so you can fit a lot of plants in a small area.
• Steel-reinforced hanging rods run the length of the greenhouse giving you the perfect spot to overwinter your hanging baskets!

Ventilation for healthy plants!
• A large 24" x 12" Easy Flow Louver air vent is included with each greenhouse for ventilation.

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