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Solexx Reviews, Testimonials and Photo Gallery

Do you have a testimonial or pictures you would like to share about your Solexx Greenhouse Kit or custom creation using Solexx? We would love to share your pictures! Send them to


Solexx greenhouse covering completes these aquaponic units designed by Today's Green Acres! If you would like more information and learn how to set up your own sustainable food growing system, you can contact and tour his greenhouses in Elora, Tennessee.

aquaponics Greenhouse Covered with Solexx Greenhouse CoveringAquaponics Greenhouse with Solexx Covering

"Hi, I’m Perri McDaniel, the Food Security Program Coordinator for the Klamath Tribes. We started a Community Greenhouse at our community garden site in Chiloquin, Oregon, the headquarters of the Klamath Tribes. I purchased a used 30’ x 48’ greenhouse. With local volunteers, we set the frame up last fall but didn’t put the 6 mil plastic cover over it as we thought we should wait until spring. I’m glad we did wait because we had a lot of snow and some serious high winds this winter... in fact it’s snowing here today. This tells me that we need something more substantial than a 6 mil plastic covering." Perri ended up purchasing 5mm Solexx to cover their community greenhouse.

She is happy to report, "I love our Greenhouse and want another one!"

Perri McDaniel, Food Security Program Coordinator, Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services

Klamath Tribal Health Community Greenhouse

I built a greenhouse using this material nearly 20 years ago and am just now having to replace some of it. Good stuff!

- Heidi H. Coleville, CA

We live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the weather here can sometimes deliver unexpected storms.

After extensive research of green house coverings I decided on Solexx due to its superior quality. After calling the factory and talking to several employees, especially Bryen, about installation, I knew I had selected the right product and the right people. All were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, making the installation of my greenhouse covering an easy and rewarding experience.

I have also installed water, electricity, two 4’ grow lights, and a solar vent into my green house. I am very pleased with the end results, and my wife is delighted with “her” new greenhouse.

- Tom D., Manteo, NC.

Solexx custom greenhouse in North Carolina growing tropical plants.Solexx greenhouse at night.

The John Volken Academy used to Solexx to create this high tunnel greenhouse to grow food. The John Volken Academy is a long-term residential drug and alcohol treatment center for young men and women aged 19-34 that goes far beyond other treatment centers. Our residents completely overcome their addictions, as well as further their education, receive extensive career training, and adopt healthy new life-styles. They gain all the tools they need for a happy and successful life of sobriety – for life!

Solexx was used to recover this manufactured home to turn it into a growing room.

One of our customers sent us this picture to show us how is converting old manufactured homes into greenhouses.

Solexx was used to recover this manufactured home to turn it into a growing room.

Tavon Center provides a day program for adults with disabilities. We recently installed a heated greenhouse in order to expand our horticultural program. We received a donation of a used metal greenhouse frame and originally applied greenhouse plastic poly-film as the covering. In the first hot day of summer the plastic became very brittle and fell off the frame. Through research we discovered Solexx covering. We liked the material and modified the installation. We joined the seams with the Solexx channels giving it a smooth surface which makes it great for rain, snow and inclement weather. It has provided a fantastic space for our clients to work. We like Solexx so much we plan on building a second greenhouse next year.
Ali Vafaeezadeh, Tavon Center, Issaquah, Wa

We joined the seams with the Solexx channels giving it a smooth surface which makes it great for rain, snow and inclement weather. Solexx Custom Greenhouse on the inside.

The Nurse Tree Arch uses Solexx Greenhouse PanelsThe Nurse Tree Arch provides plants with greenhouse warmth in the winter and protection from the sun, wind, and pests in summer.   The arch looks like a greenhouse, but when looked at closer you see it can be transformed. 

Solexx is installed inside the removable window and wall frames to keep the arch warm in the winter and protected from winds and pests in the summer.  Aluminet shade cloth replaces the window and wall frames to reflect heat in the summer.  This feature shows the “greenhouse to screenhouse” concept.  The window panels can also be repositioned and used as rain catchers.

Below the roots of the plants is a 3 foot deep bed of gravel cooled by a forced air system that circulates air through perforated landscape drainage tubes to bring the humid air to dew point - cooling the bed in the summer and helping to heat it in the winter.  This system is described in searchable web sites as the “Subterranean Heating and Cooling System (SHSC).”

A prototype structure that led to this approach deployed soil and air temperature sensors during a late June heat event with the air temperature at 114 degrees F. Inside the arch a sensor placed 6 inches in the sheet mulched soil read 83 degrees.  Outside similarly prepared sheet mulched beds were 96 degrees 6 inches down. 

This difference in soil temperature helps keep soil water available to plants inside the arch as they transpire. Solexx side walls and roof panels can be configured to reduce evaporation by shielding the bed from winds and containing the transpiration of the plants.

The arch structure and SHSC help heat beds in cold winter greenhouse locations.  In this case, deploying shade and recycling water into the beds has proved to aid cooling of both basin and raised beds in a desert, summertime environment.

Adaptation to extremes of heat and cold by deploying shade and water conserving strategies is a central design factor in the development of the Nurse Tree Arch.

Michael Ray – Tucson, AZ
Inventor of the Nurse Tree Arch and
President of Nurse Tree Arch Design, L3C

Putting the endwall on Solexx GreenhouseSolexx Greenhouse Covering on a large greenhouseSOlexx Greenhouse at night Solexx Greenhouse kit with shade cloth
Please feel free to post the pictures online. We had fun putting it up (8'x12' Solexx Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse). If you separate the parts and follow the steps, it's really not that difficult. We bought the 16" exhaust fan, which is a must ( I feel ), and I am glad we did. We got a permit and had an electrician install the fan and several electrical outlets. I use T5 lighting and heat mats. I have a kerosene and electric heaters. My neighbors use it for their seedlings too. I LOVE MY SOLEXX GREENHOUSE. Two green thumbs up!
- Patricia Y., Kelso, WA
Putting the endwall on Solexx GreenhouseThe Solexx Greenhouse Frame The Completed Solexx Greenhouse Kit Solexx Greenhouse kit with shade cloth

We use our Solexx Greenhouse year around. I was really amazed that anything lived through the past winter. It was the coldest and snowiest winter in 25 years -- temperatures were below zero. With only a small ceramic heater, I was able to keep the temperature around 42 degrees.
- C. Huston, York, PA

Dear Solexx people:

Last Summer we purchased Solexx paneling for our "stick built" greenhouse and the nice sales person asked if I would send to you some pictures of the finished greenhouse. So attached is a picture or two of the finished greenhouse.

We decided to garden at waist high levels so we built a concrete stem wall around the perimeter and are gardening in large wooden, pull out doors. Sliding glass doors turned sideways provide the see-through glass at eye level. We used the Solexx on the roof and on the West facing gable end of the greenhouse. We was concerned about snow sticking and therefore made a 12:12 pitch on the roof. We live at 4,000 ft and so far (knock on wood) the snow we have already gotten has shed off rather easily. Both my wife and I like the look of clear glass and the Solexx material mixed together.

Much of the materials used in our greenhouse came from yardsales, the dump or elsewhere. We estimate the total cost of our 12' x 18' structure to be close to $8300. It has a thermostatically controlled heater, lights, fans and louvers. We did not want an automatic watering system. Even on the coldest day so far (2.8°F) the temperature in the greenhouse has been above freezing. And so far the vegetables we have planted seem to be doing well even with the short days of winter. We are advertizing a tomato fight inside the greenhouse on Valentine's Day to our friends. (joke!)
- John and Sandy, Mount Shasta, CA

Greenhouse at night cover in Solexx Greenhouse CoveringInside a beautiful Solexx covered greenhouse

I purchased an 8' x 16' Conservatory Greenhouse a year and a half ago. I remember my neighbor telling me how my greenhouse was going to blow away in the next storm. Well, his metal shed blew away...winds were up to 90 miles per hour. Your product has passed the fury of east coast storms.
- S. Gravan, Jr, Bellport, NY

I'm impressed! After 8 years your corrugated plastic has stood up to Houston's 90-degree summer heat very well. Thanks for my beautiful orchids!
- Mary Beth, Houston, TX

I am a very old and very happy customer of yours! Some 7 to 8 years ago I got some of your fluted glazing and made the best coldframes out of them. They are still going strong today and have held up to the harshest of weather conditions here in upstate New York.
- Peter, upstate New York

A happy customer in Eastern Washington used Solexx double-walled greenhouse glazing to cover his custom-designed family pool enclosure. The diffused light and humidity from the pool make for an excellent environment for plants and people.

A pool enclosure covered with Solexx greenhouse coveringA pool enclosure covered with Solexx greenhouse covering

Dear Mike,

I have suffered from Seasonally Affected Depression for as long as I can remember, which is longer than they have had a name for the problem. Every January, I actually used to start canceling appointments, hurrying home from work at night and making plans to hole up at home every evening and weekend all winter long and ride out the darkness until the spring came.

Among the reasons I chose your greenhouse were the insulating and light diffusing qualities of the Solexx covering. I didn't realize however, the affect that this light-spreading quality of the covering would have. The first winter, I began to spend more and more time in the greenhouse. Then, I began to realize that my usual depression was lessened the more I worked in the greenhouse.

Since our Pacific Northwest winter weather usually requires fun typhoon regalia to work outside, I had no idea that the available light could be sufficient to lift my spirits. Even on gray days without my overhead lighting on in the greenhouse, the entire inside of the greenhouse seemed to glow, and if you added the additional comfort of the electric heater which more than keeps the greenhouse cozy, well, I wasn't spending much time in my house. It is much like being inside of a fluorescent light tube-with the curved ceiling of my greenhouse overhead like the curve of the round tube -and seemingly surrounded by soft glowing white light.

I always felt invigorated after working for hours in the greenhouse. More than once, my husband had to ask me just when I planned to come back in the house? (Answer: "In a minute, honey, I just have to get those three other trays planted .... )

- Jan B, Salem, OR

Update 2016: After 23 years, Jan visited us to replace the two panels on her roof for the first time (they lasted well beyond the 10 year warranty). Otherwise, her greenhouse is still holding up great! Still loving Solexx!

Dear Greenhouse Catalog Persons; THE GREENHOUSE IS UP! It stands straight, tall and proud. So do I. Let me give you a picture. I am a 71-year vintage lady. My sister is close to that. We did it with me worrying and Sister holding. I read - no, STUDIED directions every night then re-read them as we worked. We love it and it will be full of tomatoes by May.
- Margaret L, Port Angeles, WA

Tons of tomatoes grown in a Solexx Greenhouse.

Dear Sirs, In Sept of 2000, I purchased from you a 12' x 8' 7'6" wood Gable GH. I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your product and that I have recommended it to several other people...We recently had a wind storm with winds checked at 85 MPH. The greenhouse didn't budge a hair. We also had a snow and ice storm with temperatures of 15 degrees for four days. I had a small electric heater with blower inside and the temperature never got below 50 degrees...In addition to moving all of our outdoor plants into the greenhouse for winter, we are enjoying lettuce, radishes, spinach, and a whole hole host of herbs grown this winter. Thanks again for your product and your assistance. Your staff has always been courteous and efficient.
- Don Bowie,TX

Inside a Solexx Gable Greenhouse.

Here in Belgrade Montana, it is not uncommon for temperatures to dip below -20 °F for a week or two at a time. Our official hardiness zone is 4, but zone 3 plants survive. Our mean number of continuous frost-free days are less than 85 and the median temperature is about 46 °F. The makes for a very short growing season. The Greenhouse is heated on a thermostat set at 40 °F. The thermostat is attached to a small Pelonis ceramic heater. This rarely turns on during the day. In fact, on a sunny day, the automatic vents crack open, even when outside temps are only 10 °F! The low cost of heating the greenhouse means that the season can be extended to almost ten months!

The panels I have purchased from The Greenhouse Catalog make the greenhouse much easier to heat than when it was covered with plastic sheeting. The panels are easy to work with, and very rugged. They transmit high-quality light that the plants really thrive in. The fig bush and grape vine are two years old. Last year, we had about 20 figs. I had never eaten a fresh fig before. Last year I trained the Himrod grape vine into three main branches. The south-branch is over 17' long! I first noticed the flowers in March. There are almost 50 clusters of grapes this season.
- William Moody, Montana

Grapes grown in a Solexx greenhouse Montana.


The greenhouse is sitting on RR ties and I love it! Have my seedlings started. We have very early frost in fall & late frost in spring. Like right now, it has been below freezing every night lately. I'm 73 years old, so had a neighbor man help me put it up. Took us only 42 hours.
- A. Clark, Lone Rock, OR

A Solexx Harvester Greenhouse

We moved this January and I purchased our second greenhouse, the Garden Oasis, from you. I did 90% of the construction myself. I expected the first greenhouse to last 6-8 years before ultraviolet from the sun deteriorated it, but it appeared as good as the day I bought it - 12 years later. I expect the new one to do as well.
- George B. Ferndale, WA

12 ft Solexx Gardeners Oasis Greenhouse in Washington

The greenhouse is up! We have already have had 3 tomatoes from it. It is already bursting at the seams. We really enjoy it very much and have many compliments from our neighbors. I have to say when I opened the boxes I was tempted to send them back, but it was a challenge. The secret was to read carefully and with patience. I'm glad now that I went through with it. I made my own benches, put in a sink and had a friend hookup electricity for it. I'm proud to say it really makes the yard stand out. Enclosed are a few pictures - if you can, send me a few catalogs for friends.
- Stan S., St Petersburg, FL

Early Bloomer Greenhouse

Gardener's Oasis at night.

The Solexx Gardeners Oasis Greenhouse at night

Self built wooden structure covered with Solexx paneling

A large custom greenhouse covered in Solexx Greenhouse Panels.

Wood structure covered with Solexx panels. Sent by customer Don T.

Wood gable greenhouse with Solexx Panels.

16' Gardener's Oasis in an Alaskan setting.

16 ft Oasis greenhouse in Alaska16 ft Oasis greenhouse in Alaska

Me and my plants really like the Solexx twin wall panels. With the light being diffused through the panels the plants don't burn and they grow very well anywhere in the greenhouse. They also work very well for growing seeds and cuttings. The twin walled diffused panels are the way to go in greenhouse growing and the culture of plants. Great Product! They also give you a sense of coziness and a different world when inside the greenhouse.
- Raymond B., Bay Village, OH

Orchids love the diffused light in a Solexx GreenhousePink orchid grown in a Solexx Greenhouse

I really like the way the panels look now that the project is complete and ease of installation.
- Gil F., North Lawrence, OH

Shed greenhouse comboDual purpose shed and greenhouse space covered in Solexx.

Here's my little greenhouse! It's a modification of a "pre fab" or kit shed (if we did it over we'd invest in better wood). We are very happy with your products and we are enjoying our new space. Can't wait to start my veggie seeds!
- Peggy J., Lodi, CA

Custom greenhouse using Solexx Greenhouse Covering

I've always wanted a greenhouse - when I saw Solexx I knew I had found "THE" greenhouse. Thank you!
- D. McEachern, Albany OR

When we finished this greenhouse I thought I would have plenty of room for starting vegetable and flower seeds, but one flat lead to another one and so on so now we are adding on an 8 ft. extension. I hope that will be enough!
- Helen & Joe G., Tracys Landing, MD

Solexx gardeners oasis greenhouse

8 x 24 Gardener's Oasis picture from Leleand & Kay S., Corvallis, OR

Solexx gardeners oasis greenhouse with shade cloth.

My greenhouse is over 10 years old and it is full of plants. I keep a small heater with low heat, I kept all last years plants, did not have to buy them over. Love my greenhouse! This was our 50th Anniversary gift, from money gifts. Thanks to your helpers, they moved it for me to my new residence.
- Mary & Glen F., Salem, OR

Early Bloomer Greenhouse

Oh! Beautiful! Better than brand new!
- Ms. Luray, Vancouver, WA

Custom lean to greenhouse using Solexx panels.

I have enjoyed assembling the 8' x 8' x 7' Garden Master kit, and appreciate your help. I am especially appreciative of the excellence of your assembly instructions. They are clear and well illustrated.
- M. Westing, Silverton, OR

Thought you might appreciate these photos of our recently completed greenhouse. Our adult erector set was built in 3 1/2 days, one supervisor and two workers. We did not have any major problems and consequently only one or two minor mistakes. We are quite pleased with the end product and believe we were successful in the endeavor.
- R.J. Ewalt, Llano, TX

Solexx Conservatory GreenhouseInside the Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse

Enclosed are photos of the greenhouse I bought from you a month and a half ago. I put it on top of our detached garage that has a very low-pitched gable roof. The greenhouse sits on top of a cedar deck and we access it via a ramp, which you can see on the right side of the photo. We chose this location because it gets a good amount of sun and our property does not have much level ground. Plus we think the greenhouse makes the garage look a bit more interesting.
- W. Cartwright, Quincy, CA

Solexx gable-style greenhouse on a rooftop

We wanted you to have a picture of our completed greenhouse. We have really enjoyed it.
- Rita & Duane, Redmond, OR

Custom Solexx Greenhouse

Your helpful, non-pressuring salespeople made me decide to purchase your greenhouse kit.
- R. Greene, Alturas, CA

Gardeners Oasis Greenhouse

These wonderful pictures were shared with us on May 30th, 2007. The Swongers' custom built their greenhouse and covered it with Solexx glazing, and the results are amazing! Foliage and blooms cover every inch of the interior of the green house - a true masterpiece!
- Mr. & Mrs. Swonger, Newberg, OR

Large custom greenhouse using Solexx greenhouse covering. Inside view of customers Solexx Greenhouse. Inside view of customers Solexx Greenhouse full of flowers. Inside view of customers Solexx Greenhouse with wood frame.

Before we purchased our Oasis Greenhouse we had looked at many styles & models from other companies. Our reasons for choosing Solexx was based on the strength of the structure, the paneling the incredible amount of room that this greenhouse has and great customer service. Our greenhouse kit arrived in 2 days and went up quite easily. When it was completed and we stepped inside we knew that we made the perfect choice. Thank you Solexx !
- Paul and Susan, Cave Junction, OR, Chernay Gardens

Herbs growing in a Solexx GreenhouseSeedlings growing in a Solexx Greenhouse

Hello Bryen

Just wanted to drop quick note to thank both of you for being so helpful and knowledgeable with my (Oasis 24') greenhouse purchase/assembly. I got it all built all by myself.

We just love our new garden; we live in the high desert of California where we have up to 115 degree daytime highs and lows @ 38 degrees at night, with constant daily high winds. With the Oasis our garden has a more steady temperature (85-51 degrees) and the leaves are not torn away from the daily winds. Also I am excited to actually be able to eat more of the fruits of our labor, since growing our bell peppers, cabbage and broccoli inside, it will not be decimated by the hundreds of cabbage loppers, tomato worms (yuck). We grow organically and my son loves the hundreds of butterflies that overtake the garden every summer.

I am glad I opted for the solar opener sure is worth the cost, it works perfectly. And the wire shelves, TONS of room for LOTS of plants!!!

We currently have:
6-collard greens
44 onion bulbs
300-400 onions from seed
16-bush beans
19-bell pepper
10-green cabbage
16-red cabbage
3-bok Choy
2 long boxes green onions (apx 150 ea)
18-sweet potato from slips
10-spinach seedlings
30 bell pepper seedlings
that's about 800 plants........

And as you can see from attached pictures we still have tons of room for more plants!!

I have included some pictures of our Greenhouse, which by the way is in a 10' x 40' area on an unused portion of a back side yard. So you really can put a greenhouse anywhere!

Thanks Again
Adelanto, California

Inside a Solexx Gardeners Oasis Greenhouse in CaliforniaInside a Solexx Gardeners Oasis Greenhouse in California