Cedar greenhouse using Solexx and polycarbonite

It never ceases to amaze me how creative people are.

042 NW Green Panels,  a company located here in Oregon, has created a cedar greenhouse using both Solexx 5mm and polycarbonate.  The roof is all Solexx (except for the cap which is polycarbonate) and comes standard with 2 solar vent openers.  The majority of the wall panels are Solexx and they use polycarbonate for accents.


037Solexx is one of the best greenhouse coverings on the market today and here they have combined the two for a very unique look without taking away the benefits of Solexx.

Thanks Jeff and Zeb from NW Green Panels for coming up with this very unique.

If you would like more information, please contact Laurie@solexx.com


About Laurie

Currently Dealer Account Manager with Adaptive Plastics, Inc., founders of Solexx. 15 years in the nursery business (trees and shrubs, not babies) and 15 years in construction
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