Yet another benefit of Solexx translucent greenhouses

Daryl Teal 9Today there are a lot of houses being built on “postage” sized lots,  problem with that is you have no privacy in your own backyard.  Two story houses now have a perfect view into their neighbors back yard.

Solution: Solexx Greenhouse

Solexx has many benefits:  Built in UV inhibitor with a 10 year warranty against UV breakdown, insulation value of either R-2.1 or 2.3,  plus it is translucent so it gives you “privacy in your own back yard”.

What could be better than growing your own organic fruits and vegetables and having privacy all at the same time?

To read more about the benefits of Solexx diffused light click here



About Laurie

Currently Dealer Account Manager with Adaptive Plastics, Inc., founders of Solexx. 15 years in the nursery business (trees and shrubs, not babies) and 15 years in construction
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