Creative Solexx Greenhouse Design

Located in Oak Ridge, New Jersey this Solexx greenhouse covering customer designed his greenhouse in sections. He purchased metal hoop framing locally and attached Solexx covering in rolls to enclose his greenhouse structure. He cut out small doors leading to two separated units on each side of the main structure. This way he can isolate and heat smaller areas if and when needed. The structure was just completed and we look forward to updates and seeing it in use!


Frame before Solexx was applied.

Frame before Solexx was applied.

Greenhouse in New Jersey with Solexx paneling

Greenhouse Side View

View of Front of Main Greenhouse with Solexx Rolls

View of Front of Main Greenhouse with Solexx Rolls

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Solexx completes this aquaponics system

Solexx greenhouse covering helps to provide both insulation and diffuse light for an ideal environment to grow. Follow a Canadian Solexx customers progress in his aquaponics greenhouse this year.



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Deluxe Greenhouse Package is Introduced

We have finally done it! We are offering a “Deluxe” Greenhouse Package!

The Deluxe will include all the standard items AND:

• Wire Bench Shelves
• Solar Louver Opener
• Base Vents
• Deluxe Tie Down Kit

This will insure that you will receive everything required to create a complete greenhouse.

Did I mention that the “Deluxe” accessory package is also discounted from our regular price?

Oh, and the Deluxe accessory package will also ship for free, along with the greenhouse!

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Happy Halloween

pizap.com14110842644971Have you ever wondered what happens to inexpensive greenhouses? RIP little greenhouse



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Attic Vent

Attic Vent/Cover

Attic Vent/Cover

Below is an e-mail we received from a Solexx Customer from Rensselaer, New York, thanks Anne for sharing

“I built an attic vent out of Solexx, wood, and cheap vent panels.
It fits over the hatch and is better than the wooden cover because
it admits light and prevents condensation in winter and overheating in summer.
Solexx is good stuff for a lot of things.”

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Custom Designed Solexx Greenhouses

Jeriah from Alaska Greenhouse in Ninilchik Alaska (Ninilchik is on the west side of the Kenai Peninsula on the coast of Cook Inlet) has shared these photos of his custom designed Solexx greenhouses that are located in Palmer and Soldotna Alaska.

Jeriah is also a stocking dealer, so if you need a custom greenhouse or some Solexx material, please contact him.


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Cedar greenhouse using Solexx and polycarbonite

It never ceases to amaze me how creative people are.

042 NW Green Panels,  a company located here in Oregon, has created a cedar greenhouse using both Solexx 5mm and polycarbonate.  The roof is all Solexx (except for the cap which is polycarbonate) and comes standard with 2 solar vent openers.  The majority of the wall panels are Solexx and they use polycarbonate for accents.


037Solexx is one of the best greenhouse coverings on the market today and here they have combined the two for a very unique look without taking away the benefits of Solexx.

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New Stocking Dealer

Air Alum in Pocatello, ID  208-232-8121 is now stocking 5mm Solexx

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New Dealer Introduction

We would like to welcome our newest Dealer’s

Doc Greens Organics in Casper Wyoming  307-337-3620

Sustainable Products of Montana in Helena Montana 406-219-1414

Greengro Technologies, Inc in Anaheim California  714-441-1408

Welcome to the Solexx Team



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Mike & Bev’s Retirement


After 26 years of hard work, Mike and Bev Perry, the founders of Solexx Greenhouses and Greenhouse Covering, are retiring.






Adaptive Plastics, Inc. started in Mike and Bev’s shop at their home selling corrugated plastic totes SKMBT_C45213062111380and tree wraps, while raising their two children, Michelle and Steven Perry.  The children were as much a part of this company as Mike and Bev but in a different capacity.





Steven was a young SKMBT_C45213062111300transportation manager and also worked in product display.

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